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1kVA-20kVA Power Frequency Online Intelligent UPS for Solar System
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Product: Views:1401kVA-20kVA Power Frequency Online Intelligent UPS for Solar System 
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1KVA-20KVA Power Frequency Online Intelligent UPS for Solar System
Products Introduction
This online UPS is designed by SNAT company with high stability and reliability, aim to the whole world power grid environment and network system for power supply reliability requirements

I. The excellent quality can provide safe and reliable comprehensive protection for the loads of the user data centers and industrial control, precision equipment of the medical system
II. Using DSP, MCU and DDC real-time processing of full digital vector control technology, with perfect protection function and high reliability
III. Double conversion, pure sine wave output online, no matter in the electric supply or battery mode, can output pure sine wave power supply of low distortion degree, provides the best of power supply guarantee for the loads equipment of the user

--High reliability design
--With strong protection ability to load
--Strong adaptability to the environment
--With high battery optimize performance
--With comprehensive and reliable protection
--Network management humanization

Technology Parameter

1. Singly into single out technology parameter:
1KVA~20KVA Singly into single out technology parameter
Rated Power(KW) 0.8KW 1.6KW 2.4KW 4.8KW 8KW 12KW 16KW
Input Voltage Two single-phase + ground wire 220V±25%
Battery voltage 48VDC 96/192VDC 192/384VDC
Noise ≤52dB(within 1m) ≤60dB(within 1m)
Size(W*D*Hmm) 256×618×626 370×690×763
Weight(Kg) 30 40 45 60 105 130 160

2. Three phases single out technology parameter
10KVA~60KVA Three phases single out technology parameter
Type 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA
Rated Capacity(KW) 8KW 12KW 16KW 24KW 32KW 40KW 48KW
Input Voltage Four three-phases + ground wire,380V±25%
Battery Voltage 384VDC
Noise ≤60dB(within 1m) ≤65dB(within 1m)
Size(W*D*Hmm) 370×690×763 650×700×1600
Weight(Kg) 165 190 210 400 450 530 620

General Technology Parapeter
General Technology Parapeter
Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±10%
Power factor ≥80%
Output Voltage 220V±1%
Voltage regulation stabilization±1%,dynamic±2%,(0-100% load change <20ms)
Frequency stability
Frequency reverse rate <1Hz/s
Harmonic distortion Linear loads <3%( full loaded), Rectifier total harmonic<5%
Overload capacity 130%
Waveform Pure sine wave
Efficiency Input AC to Output AC >95%
Switching time Switch between mains with battery 0
Switch between mains with bypass mode < 4ms
Battery Type Sealed acid for free maintenance
Charging time 8 hours charge to 90% after completely discharge
Protective function Battery Automaticly cut off with lower power; No fuse switch protection
Overload 120~150% switch to bypass mode after 3s and recover automaticly
Over temperature Internal temperature >85ºC switch to bypass mode automaticly
Output short cirtuit Automaticly cut off with lower power; fuse & no fuse switch protection
UPS abnormal Switch to by bypass mode automaticly and power by mains supply
LCD display Input/Output voltage; Frequency; Battery voltage; Output load
Environment Temperature -10~50ºC
Relative humidity 20%~93% No condensation
Altitude < 1000m

Application in Solar Power System

Working Mode:

1. Under normal
When Mains supply is normal, filter to clutter by inputting filter and then sent to the rectifier do rectifier adjustments, and then sent dc power to inverter transform into stable ac power, through static switch to the EMI output filter for further filter, finally get the pure and stable ac power supply to the loads. At the same time, the grid through another branch supply charger after transformation charging for rechargeable batteries.In the process of the whole work, battery do not output any power

2.Battery Operation
When mains input fault, battery power to inverter by isolating diode, then be converted to stable AC by inverter, through static switch to the EMI filter for further filtering, last on the output side also have the pure and stable power supply to loads. UPS output completely uninterruptible during the whole process from mains power to battery power.

3.Automaticly bypass mode:
When UPS is under the situation for automaticly bypass mode, after filter, Input mains convert no need by inverter, but directly to the static switch, the output by filter after filtering. In the state of bypass mode, mains power also can charge to battery.


Q1 :What is the warranty of your product?

 A:Quality warranty for 12 months; parts will be shipped free during warranty period.

Q2:Can you do OEM?
A:Yes,we can offer OEM service.

Q3 :How long is your lead time?

A:5~10 days

Q4: What minimum order do you require?

A:1 piece

Q5 :Why choose us?

1)All of our products have CE certification,ISO9001:2008,RoHS.
2)We have our own factory,the selling prices is competitive.
3)Prompt delivery and good after-sale services.
4)80% new materials for production and superior quality.
5)professional engineer designers.

Concurrently engaged in relative solar power system products such as solar panel, gel battery, sealed lead acid battery, Combiner box, etc

All products purchased by our company will be efficient, the best quality and satisfied after-sale service!

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